William Chou

I am a fullstack software engineer based in Toronto, Ontario Canada with experience developing responsive web apps, native mobile apps and in cloud environments.

My main tools of choice include Javascript, React, and Google Cloud Platform.

When not working on tech you can find me in the kitchen playing with my blowtorch.

Past Work

iPad app for safety audits in the mining industry.

Childhood Arthritis web app with highly customized user inputs for joint point tracking.

Voice enabled app for Arthritis Hackathon (Video demo) (Source)

React Native app for finding pizza or beer near you.

Penny Fitness - Pay for your laziness

Hacks and scribbles

Performant, Javascript + React Sudoku Solver ✨(New content) (Souce Code)

My zoomable resume, a re-zoom-eh ✨(New content)

Hot Ones with Gordon Ramsay Swear Chart (Source)

Track your weight wih Google Fit (Source)

Visualization of Breath First Search

Visualization of Depth First Search using Minesweeper

Blog Posts

Serverless OAuth2 Flows (Source)

My first Github Action

3 Git Pro Tips

Lessons from making my own event emitter

Improve Your Javascript Codebase with this simple trick

Open source contributions

Fix bug in Gatsby theme social media links

Add env var support to JEST reporter library

Update README for smart outlet local web server

Caching cypress in Google Cloud Builder

Supporting Google Cloud Builder in Sentry CLI's set-commits --auto command

Add a link to video tutorial in Zoid Readme.